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                            MARCH 17, 1906

               In March, 1906, the late Judge L. E. Griffith and a few friends were at lunch at the Elks Club and Judge Griffith said, "What are we going to do for St. Patrick's Day?"
               It was then and there decided to have a corned beef and cabbage dinner at 2:00 o'clock on the afternoon of March 17, 1906, at the Elk's Club.
               There were six in the party; Judge Griffith was an Episcopalian.; Max Goodkind and Louis Loewenstein were of God's chosen people; the remaining three were Harps.
Dinners were held annually thereafter at the Elk's Club until the number outgrew the seating capacity of the dining room.
               After the child grew to manhood it was decided to give it a name and because of the cosmopolitan nature of the organizers, the organization was named the "Friends of St. Patrick", the man every nation claims as a native son and who enjoyed the friendship of everyone except the snakes.
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