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2019 Meeting Schedule

Friday Planning Meeting January 18th at
VERDILE’S RESTAURANT  572 Second Ave Troy at 12 noon

 Friday February 8th 2019 at 4:30PM Picture Session at FRANKLIN TERRACE

SFOSP Dinner, Saturday March 16th 2019 at Franklin Terrace

 Friday April 5th at 12:15PM at VERDILE'S - Critique Meeting

$25.00 will be collected from all members at the first meeting to defray part of the luncheon cost. 

Charles F Anderson, Louis Anthony, III, L. Craig Bryce, Jeanne Carras, Daniel Casale, Hon. Pat M Casale ,Thomas Clemente, Charles Diamond, Hon. Jeffrey Dorrance, Edward F. Dyer, Donald E. Fane, R. Mark Fitzgerald, Kevin Hedley, Paul E Hook, Hon. Neil J Kelleher, Hon. Christopher T. Maier, Matthew P. McGarvey, Peter D. McGarvey, Hon. Michael R McNulty, James E. Prout, Donald C. Reutemann, Michael Sullivan, Mark Swinton, Hon. Stephen F. Swinton Jr.


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